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The data center and digital infrastructure industry is experiencing unparalleled high velocity growth rates globally — fueled by the exponential growth in digital devices, data and customer experience demand in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. To meet this demand, the development of clean power infrastructure and highly efficient data center/ mission critical assets are necessary to meet the growing demands of cities and businesses globally.

Geddes brings together its track record of leadership and expertise in creating unique holistic digital infrastructure ecosystems in its approach to the markets. Geddes works with its clients to ensure the strategic partnerships, planning and financing necessary to build the new green infrastructure of tomorrow are in place.

Our principals have years of experience working with institutions, governments and corporations advising on themes in and around smart, green, resilient infrastructure. We have worked with clients on master planning of industry development, large unit global sales, business negotiations with Fortune 500 companies, lobbying political entities, and “HNW” clientele as well as government contracting.

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